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SEO Power Hour

SEO Power Hour

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Get ready to smash through some incredible optimisations of your website in the SEO Power Hour!

The SEO Power hour is the perfect place to start when you're reconsidering your website strategy, moving from one platform to another (like from Squarespace to Shopify), or have no idea what to do to start your SEO journey.

With an SEO Power Hour, I'll cast my expert eye to your online store and give you immediate advice on things to fix, and guide you through fixing them right then and there. I'll explain the background on why they are important to fix, and provide advice on how to avoid these issues in the future.

Then, I'll guide you through some quick and easy optimisations, such as updating an SEO title and meta title, implementing alt texts, and kicking off an innerlink strategy.

How Does it Work?

After you go through the checkout, you will receive a downloadable questionnaire and a link to a calendar where you can choose your time for the SEO Power Hour, and immediately lock it in with me. If you're not sure, you can also email me to coordinate.

I'll do some preliminary research on your website in the lead up to the hour, which will take place over Zoom. Come prepared with your questions about SEO and have your website ready to edit as we will dive right into it!

Are you a bit more confident in making changes and would prefer to have expert advice on hand for any questions as you go? Why not consider the SEO Bitch in Your Pocket service, where you can get access to me and my bountiful knowledge via Voxer for either a day or a whole week.

This product is perfect for people who have had an SEO Audit done, or downloaded one of the PDF Guides and need some one-on-one advice on their Faire SEO or Etsy SEO.

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