Frequently Asked Questions

SEO can be a complicated topic to delve into, and working with a new company can raise a lot of questions. I’ll answer all of the most commonly asked queries in the FAQ below, and if you have any additional thoughts, comments, insults or questions please send me an email to

You can find a dictionary of common SEO jargon in my SEO Dictionary page.

SEO-Related Questions:
What is SEO?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It refers to the various on- and off-page improvements that can be made to a website in order to improve the search rankings. I specialise in SEO for small creative businesses, mostly in on-page SEO.

What is SEO content?
SEO content is a sub-section of on-page SEO which refers to the stuff that you can see on a website. This includes content such as text, innerlinks, and images that are optimised for a search engine. Helping small businesses to optimise their content with my SEO content packages and doing Faire SEO is my whole thing.

Why can’t I do my own SEO?
You can! Like with any skill, anyone can learn to do SEO. I have created a bunch of free resources as well as guides and SEO advice services to help you to do it yourself.

Working with SEO Bitch
What’s the process of working with SEO Bitch?
Once you have recognised that you would like to work with SEO Bitch, simply book a free 30 minute, obligation-free consultation call with me. We can either communicate via email or over the phone, so that I can get a solid understanding of what you wish to achieve.

Perhaps none of my SEO content packages are suitable for you, but we can make a bespoke arrangement, or a recurring arrangement, and make sure you get the services you need. Once we’ve decided what kind of services or packages you wish to go ahead with, and paid a 50% deposit, I will begin the SEO research and to write your content for you.

If you just want me to provide content that you can upload to your website or marketplace, then I will send the text to you in either a Word or Excel document and then it’s all yours.

If you have opted for the Virtual Assistant service, I will upload all of the content to your website/marketplace on your behalf, ensuring zero errors. All copy will be sent to you for approval before uploading. Once all content has been supplied, I will invoice you for the remaining amount with Net 30 terms.

I’m not a small creative business, can I still work with you?
Maybe. It depends who you are, and what you want. I have no interest in working for any large corporations, or for anyone who doesn’t put the same amount of heart and effort into their work as I do. Best thing to do is to email me and start a conversation, and we can go from there.

Do you guarantee my sales will increase?
No, I can’t guarantee that your sales will increase. Making a sale is not about tricking customers by using SEO, it’s about giving your products the best chance of buyers seeing the products. Once your products are in front of the buyers, it’s up to them to fall in love with the design, quality, and prices – and that’s what you do best.

Can you fix my website?
That depends on what needs to be fixed. I can absolutely publish content, text, innerlinks and navigation, plus all SEO content-related requirements – that’s part of my Virtual Assistant service. If you need me to write the content for you, that is part of my Website Optimisation package.

However, while I can write some basic html and css code, I am not a coder, nor a web designer. As part of my SEO Audit service, I can identify if any structural improvements would help your SEO, though these are things you’d need a coder to fix, should you decide to do so. If you're looking for a Wordpress web developer, I recommend Eloise.

Are you a registered business?
Yes! SEO Bitch is the registered trading name that I, Bianca Dohnt, use as an Australian sole trader. My Australian Business Number (ABN) is 58604959628. I am not registered for GST and therefore no GST is charged for my services.

Payment Questions

What are the payment terms?
Once we agree via email on which packages or services you’d like, I will send you an invoice requesting a 50% deposit up front before work can begin, with the remaining amount due on delivery.

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