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If you want more visibility on a wholesale marketplace like Faire, or more traffic to your website, the answer lies in SEO.

Not sure if SEO for small creative businesses can help you? Read some SEO Bitch reviews to learn how SEO has helped brands around the world get more sales.

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  • Glosters Mug from a client of SEO for small creative businesses

    "We've seen an influx of orders from Google"

    "These product descriptions are great. Thanks again for your hard
    work. I just wanted to let you know that recently we’ve seen a real
    influx of first time orders from Google and it looks like we’re
    appearing high in people’s searches."
    - Myfanwy Gloster, Glosters.

  • Founder of SEO Bitch, Bee Dohnt

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  • SEO Bitch Client Emma Pearce, Sister Paper Co.

    "My Faire shop traffic increased 150%"

    “Since getting SEO Bitch to update my listings,
    my Faire shop traffic has increased 150% and my cards are on the front
    page of searches! Now I have loads more sales, and loads more time to
    create new designs instead of being endlessly frustrated.“

    Emma Pearce, Sister Paper Co.

The expert in SEO For Small Creative Businesses and SEO Bitch Founder, Bianca Dohnt (Bee).

What the Hell is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it is a way of perfecting websites to make sure that they're visible in search results. A search engine, such as Google, looks at all the text and code on a website and decides what the website is about, categorises it, and ranks it compared to all other websites.

Why Should Small Businesses Care about SEO?

SEO can be really boring and complicated - but necessary. Unfortunately, without following SEO guidelines, Google will probably just ignore your website altogether. And if your website doesn't come up in search results, how will people find you to buy your gorgeous products?

Get Help With Your SEO!

You don't have to do it all yourself – instead rely on Bee's expertise in SEO for small creative businesses. Get your own SEO strategy, Keyword Research, optimised content, and everything else needed to get your products in front of buyers.

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