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Improve Your Online Store Visibility with SEO

If you want more visibility on Faire wholesale marketplace or more traffic to your eCommerce website, the answer lies in using optimised product descriptions and page content.

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Not sure how SEO for small creative businesses can help you? Read some SEO Bitch reviews to learn how SEO has helped my small creative business clients gain more sales from their websites and wholesale marketplaces.

  • Website SEO Package

    Take your online store to the next level with a full website optimisation to get it ranking on Google. Includes a full SEO Audit, keyword research, competitor analysis, templates, content strategy, backlink strategy, innerlink strategy and more.

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  • Faire SEO Package

    Make sure your products on the Faire wholesale platform are being seen by as many buyers as possible by optimising your shop and up to 10 of your products. Includes keyword research, brand page content, and optimised product listing content.

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The expert in SEO For Small Creative Businesses and SEO Bitch Founder, Bianca Dohnt (Bee).

What the Hell is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it is basically a way of perfecting websites to make sure that people using the internet can find the right stuff. A search engine, such as Google, looks at all the text and code on a website and based on what it sees, it decides what the website is about, and ranks it based on its expertise.

Why Should Small Businesses Care about SEO?

SEO can be really boring and complicated. Unfortunately, without speaking the right language to Google, it will probably just ignore you altogether. Which would be counterproductive to the whole ‘improving small business sales’ situation.

Get Help With Your SEO!

Stop wasting time – I’ll take the wheel and provide you my expertise in SEO for small creative businesses. I’ll develop strategies, do research, write content, update the alt texts and all of that fun stuff to talk to the Google robots and get your products in front of buyers.

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SEO Consulting and Advice

Are you the type of business owner that loves learning new things, and taking on the challenge to make improvements yourself? The expert is here to expand your knowledge of SEO for small creative businesses, and provide step-by-step instructions on how to do it yourself.

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  • Sarah Lewis, Alphablots

    Sarah Lewis - Alphablots

    I’m a designer, so worrying about website content is never top of my to-do list, but I know how important SEO is to my business. Working with Bee means that I can concentrate on the creative side of my business, knowing she’s busy behind the scenes making the website work harder.

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  • Emma Pearce, Sister Paper Co.

    Emma Pearce - Sister Paper Co.

    Since getting SEO Bitch to update my listings, my Faire shop traffic has increased 150% and my cards are on the front page of searches!Now I have loads more sales, and loads more time to create new designs instead of being endlessly frustrated with excel.

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  • David Nichols-Rice, Ricicle Cards

    David Nichols-Rice - Ricicle Cards

    Bee is such a fantastic and creative writer! I was running out of ideas on how to describe my greeting cards and Bee had so many great ways to tell my brand story through each product description. Bee really knows her stuff when it comes to technical SEO, which was invaluable.

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SEO Ultimate Guides

The collection of Ultimate Guides provides expert knowledge presented in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step format to helping you become an SEO Bitch your very self.

Free SEO Guides

Get a head-start on making your own optimisations with FREE advice from the expert in SEO for small creative businesses with these downloadable guides. Either make your way through the checkout to get the download link or contact me and I'll just email it to you!

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