Can SEO Make You Rich

Can SEO Make You Rich?

In this grindset mindset, bustle hustle life that we seem to currently find ourselves within, money is at the forefront of more minds than ever. Especially with the onslaught of 'self-made' millionaires, and people desperate to sell you books, courses and conferences on how to get rich, quick. Therefore it's really no surprise that the question "Can SEO Make You Rich" is frequently uttered among budding entrepreneurs.

Much like my blog on the question 'How long does SEO take", the problem is more to do with the question than its potential answer.

In short: the answer to "can SEO make you rich" is a resounding YES.

Of course, one would hope that a person who has given themself the title 'SEO Bitch' would believe in the power of SEO for money-making. And sure, I do fine for myself providing SEO for small creative businesses.

The problem is that there are far, far too many variables required in order for SEO to make you rich - all depending on how much money and time you have to invest in SEO, honestly.

A previous company I worked in was an SEO-focused business that made money through affiliate marketing for online casinos. Through owning and operating high ranking online casino reviewing websites, the business was able to make millions every year. But would you say that the SEO made the money, or was it the affiliate marketing (and various sales strategies within)?

SEO isn't a money maker - it is an advertising tool. The only thing SEO is good for is for promoting something worth selling. Having a high ranking website with no advertising income, nothing to sell or nothing to actually convert will not bring in any money.

The only way to make money just through SEO is offering SEO services to businesses - by helping people who do have something to advertise, something to sell or a way to convert. This is what I do!

So again, there are just some caveats missing to the problem. Learning how to perform SEO services is one way to make money as an SEO expert or service provider, which you can do by following the guidance of my SEO Basics Masterclass, which teaches you all of the theory, knowledge and practice that I use in my day-to-day job as the SEO Bitch.

If you're already a business owner or supplier, then it's not the SEO that will make you rich - much llike it's not the Ads or sponsored posts that make you rich, but the product itself. Of course, the more people who see your products, the more likely you are to sell more products and therefore get rich. But if you have a product that is low quality, low value, or has few uses, all of the advertising and SEO in the world won't make you rich.

So, if you're wondering "Can SEO make you Rich", then take a bigger perspective on your situation. If you want to make more money through increased sales of your products on platforms like Faire, Ankorstore or Etsy, SEO can help you by getting your products in front of more buyers.

To learn how, you can purchase my Guides to Faire SEO or Ankorstore SEO.

If you want to learn how to do your own website SEO or offer SEO services, you can join my Masterclass (coming soon!).

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