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Read examples of delighted businesses who have seen incredible results from SEO Bitch's SEO for small creative businesses. These talented creators span various products, services, and physical locations including stationery, photography, gift shops, galleries, pottery, adventure equipment, hair care, jewellery, craft kits, fabric arts, and more.
Fuck This Shit mug from SEO Bitch client Glosters.

"We've seen an influx of orders from Google"

"These product descriptions are great, we’ve seen a real influx of first time orders from Google and it looks like we’re appearing high in people’s searches." - Myfanwy Gloster, Glosters.

Shop for Welsh Ceramics at Glosters.

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greeting cards from Sister Paper Co.

"My Faire shop traffic increased 150%"

“Since getting SEO Bitch to update my listings, my Faire shop traffic has increased 150% and my cards are on the front page of searches! Now I have loads more sales, and loads more time to create new designs.“Emma Pearce, Sister Paper Co.

Shop for Greeting Cards at Sister Paper Co.

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"A million times better than before"

“Bee is a total babe. She rescued me from some very BAD SEO. Not only did she do all my SEO but she also built a whole new website for me when I needed to move from Squarespace to Shopify. It was a HUGE job and she made it a million times better than before. " - Frankie Nicholas, You've Got Pen on Your Face

Shop Hand Drawn Greeting Cards at You've Got Pen on Your Face

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"Website traffic is already up 9.8%"

"The SEO Audit and explainer was informative, illuminating and
educational, and the work Bee completed to fix and improve the website
was fantastic. Website traffic is already up 9.8%!" -
Herna Ward, Port Stephens Koala Hospital

Adopt a Koala to support the care and rehabilitation of Aussie wildlife.

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1085 snowdonia coffi

"Took our website SEO to the next level"

“WOW – SEO Bitch took our website SEO to the next level, made everything so easy from the initial conversation to completing the work and the continued support. Bee totally got our vibe and the content is what I had in my head, I just didn’t know how to do the SEO.” - Nik Joyce, 1085 Adventures

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"A fantastic and creative writer"

“Bee is such a fantastic and creative writer! I was running out of ideas on how to describe my greeting cards and Bee had so many great ways to tell my brand story through each individual product description that she wrote.
Bee really knows her stuff when it comes to technical SEO, which was invaluable.”
David Nichols-Rice, Ricicle Cards

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SEO Bitch client Wine at Heart

"Made the process approachable and fun"

"The world of SEO to me is unknown and pretty scary, so having Bee on board was amazing. From an initial SEO audit to a full optimization, Bee helped me identify the right language and keywords for my website (plus a whole load of other things). Thank you Bee for making the process approachable and fun! I couldn't recommend her highly enough." - Tilly Walters, Wine at Heart

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"We are thrilled with our newly optimised site"

“Bee is knowledgable, efficient and provides some very helpful information to give us a better understanding of what SEO entails and how to put it into practise ourselves. She is prompt to reply to all emails, goes above and beyond to offer advice and we are thrilled with our newly optimised site.”Jessica Hogarth, Jessica Hogarth Shop

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  • Bleu Nour

    "Great content, very well written." - Nour Ibrahim

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  • Box Balloons

    "[The SEO Audit] is brilliant, really clear and understandable - not just a "you should do this" but some WHY with it too, which is great." - Scott Myers

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  • Seb and I

    "The SEO Audit for my website was so valuable and it all makes sense now! I think a lot of people are missing a trick and your advice is just so valuable." - Rebecca Neilson

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  • Little Roglets

    "Reading the product descriptions totally made me emotional, I guess I never really step back to look at my products like that so to hear how they've been described in your lovely writing unexpectedly made me a bit (lot) teary eyed!" - Lex Rogy

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  • Mifkins

    “I ordered a Faire Optimisation package and I bloody love what Bee did so much! The updated content was delivered on time and without any issues. I’ll definitely be using SEO Bitch as much as possible in the future – both on my website and on Faire.” - Natalie Alexander

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  • Stormy Knight

    “Bee optimised 20 of my Faire product listings and I have seen incredible results: My sales increased massively and my conversion rate went up by 7%. My business and my family keep me busy so it’s great to have her take care of the content.” - Sarah Jackson

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  • Tikkled Pink

    “Bee worked to write up descriptions for some of my products on Faire. I loved the way she wrote those. I feel like she perfectly mixed infusing the key words, with some wit and humour resulting in a very nice to read
    description which I am sure both makes a difference and results in
    people more likely to stick and read it!” - Gabi Maksimov

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  • Alphablots

    “I’m a designer, so worrying about website content is never top of my to-do list, but I know how important SEO is to my business. Working with Bee means that I can concentrate on the creative side of my business, knowing she’s busy behind the scenes making the website work harder.” - Sarah Lewis

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  • Folio

    “SEO Bitch wrote all my product listings for Faire, and damn, she’s good. Like real good. Her content is honestly brilliant and I highly recommend you get in touch with her.” - Ian Owen

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  • Susannah Bleasby Fine Art

    “Bee’s work is tremendous! I love how she writes, it’s really natural, the tone is perfect and I see all the keywords. This is going to be an amazing help!” - Nicola Bleasby

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  • Arnelle Woker

    “WOWZERS! I am in love with the product descriptions Bee wrote for my new cards, they are brilliant. I am so happy with the tone they set – fun and cheeky, just like my cards! Gah they’re so good. Honestly. Working with SEO Bitch has been a dream!” - Arnelle Woker

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  • FIX London

    “SEO Bitch was an absolute dream to work with! Bee put SEO into layman’s terms and provided invaluable insights, support and resources throughout the optimisation process. Bee taught us so much and we’re already seeing great results from her fixes and recommendations. Thanks for
    everything Bee!” - Kalena Muir

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  • Reckless Century Productions

    “SEO Bitch was phenomenal to work with. Her content writing for my webpage was amazing and really makes me stand out amongst the competition in the Post Production field.” - Joakim Nilsson

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  • Cate and Levi

    “Honestly, Bee was a pleasure to work with. She delivered high quality work perfectly on time – even a little early!” - Joshua Title

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  • The Artwork of Kristen Solecki

    “SEO Bitch gave great insights and information regarding my SEO! Her research and recommendations were really helpful!” - Kristen Solecki

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  • Papersheep

    “I worked with Bee on setting up my Faire shop and commissioned product listings to be written over four months. Bee is very knowledgeable about Faire and was able to give me ‘dos’ and ‘dont’s’ to get the most out of it. Bee did a fantastic job with the descriptions and was very timely. It’s great having someone else write the product listings as it does take time and thought and it freed me up to concentrate on other things! Thanks Bee.” - Sarah Heycock

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  • Little Black Cat Illustrated

    “Bee has been amazing to work with, when I approached her for SEO work I had no idea what I was asking for, or what to expect and it was explained thoroughly and concisely in a way that was digestible and beginner friendly. Not only did she do an amazing and thorough audit, she also did a great job of working on my website, doing all of the necessary fixes, as well as writing some fab copy for my products. Her work has inspired me so much that I now feel confident to write my own key worded copy and feel a lot more clued up on the basics of SEO for when I
    launch new products in the future. I’ll definitely be using her services again and recommending her to friends and other business owners
    .“ - Sarah Wilson

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  • Kate Stuart Photography

    "SEO Bitch A.K.A. Bee. Now, where do I start?! I was recommended Bee by a fellow creative business owner. After seeing some of Bee's social media posts (and laughing) I got in touch and within a day we were chatting via video call. I'm creative, and not technically minded! I've owned my little business for 14 yrs and have been absolutely terrified of SEO, I simply couldn't get my head around it and all the jargon that goes with it. Bee just cut through that noise and explained it simply and within 15mins of the free consultation with Bee, something just clicked. I understood it AND I was even excited about it!! She's been incredible, from start to finish. Get the woman on board and you won't be disappointed, she's AMAZING!!" - Kate Stuart

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