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Free SEO Basics Guide

Free SEO Basics Guide

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Let me give you an overview of SEO and a handy printable workbook to help you know exactly what you need to do to optimise your online store. The information inside provides and insight into my expertise in SEO for small creative businesses that you can apply to your own online store!

Head through the checkout with this option in your cart and you will get the downloadable link at the end. There is absolutely no charge, but I think you might need to add credit card details or paypal details during checkout - Shopify has it's weirdness. If you don't want to do it through the checkout, you can also claim the free downloadable PDF link by adding your email address in the section right at the bottom of the page and then you don't have to go through the checkout!
Things included in the Guide:
  • What is SEO?
  • How does it work?
  • Why should you care?
  • What are keywords?
  • How to use keywords?
  • Where to do it on your site?
  • Special discount offer for followup SEO Bitch Services
  • More information!

If you're not sure where to start on your SEO journey, this is an excellent place to begin. Including a detailed explanation of the basics to SEO and how the learnings can be applied to a small business eCommerce website, this guide is a fantasic launchpad for all types of businesses. If you're ready for something more detailed, check out the Ultimate Guide to Faire SEO.

SEO doesn't need to be boring. Things can be explained in a way that doesn't immediately put you to sleep! You can learn more about your URLS, alt texts, SEO titles, meta titles, innerlinks and so much more in this beginner's guide. When you're ready to start making optimisations yourself, you can opt for the SEO Power Hour to get one-on-one personalised advice directly with you as we work through your website and make loads of improvements right away! Check out my experience as an expert in SEO for small creative businesses to see how I can help you.


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