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Faire Top Shop Launching in UK, EU, and ANZ

Hey UK and European brands! The Faire Top Shop program is launching in your region in August!

The Top Shop program has been running in the USA for ages, and finally it’s being launched for the rest of us.

The Faire Top Shop program is similar to the Etsy Star Seller program, in that if you do a bunch of stuff that the platform wants, they will reward you with a special ‘Top Shop’ badge.

This doesn't affect your product listing SEO. However, stockists can filter the brands to only show those with Top Shop status, and, according to Faire, stockists are more likely to buy from Top Shops.

So how do you become a Faire Top Shop?

There are a number of criteria you have to meet, all of which are things that will also improve your Faire platform SEO.

These criteria are:

  • Retailer rating 4.8 or higher average 
  • 3% or less Cancelled orders: 
  • 3% or less Missing items: 
  • And a Merchandising score of at least 50 points

The Merchandising score is made up of 5 options, each worth a different number of points.

These criteria are:

  • 40 points for launching new products
  • 30 points for running store-wide promotions
  • 10 points for having a minimum order value of 150 or less
  • 10 points for having at least 3 photos on every listing
  • 10 points for having at least 200 characters of content on every product listing

So by doing these things, not only will you earn the Top Shop badge, but you’lll also be optimising your product listings, which will get them to the top of the search results. Win-Win!

Of course, It’s even better to use the whole 1000 characters of product listing content, and making sure that the content is optimised with the right keywords so that they can actually be sorted properly in the results.

If you need guidance on how to best write these, you can buy my Ultimate Guide to Faire SEO, or you can book a free Zoom consultation call with me and I can give you some personalised advice. 

Faire Top Shop
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