Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Hey you sexy bitches, here's a Happy New Year celebration for you!

2023 was an insane year for SEO Bitch. The business celebrated its first birthday on January 18th by Bee stomping around Top Drawer in my signature green velvet suit, sneaking in gin and tonics for all the hard-working stall-holders and enjoying seeing all the new products out on display.

I won't be able to attend Top Drawer this year, as I'm currently in Australia visiting friends and family, and attempting to get a visa to stay long term in the UK. Fingers crossed the government doesn't do me dirty!

I signed with a lot of new clients in 2023, now with gorgeous creatives based in England, Wales, Scotland, UAE, Switzerland, USA, and Canada on board the Bitchin' train. Business nearly doubled and I'm so proud of all of the incredible collaborations I've done.

I travelled a lot throughout the year, living for months in France, Italy, South Korea, and Germany, spending the majority of my time in the UK where I've been building a community of stunning individuals that inspire and motivate me to fulfil my potential while supporting my constant whining.

crystal ball

I'm so excited to see what 2024 will bring, manifesting loads of good times, peaceful moments and trying to let the universe guide me into unexpected experiences without tooo much anxiety!

I will continue to be as unhinged as possible on Instagram and fulfill my New Years Resolution to eat 100 different fruits.

In terms of SEO Bitch, I'll be launching a bunch of new products and services on SEO for small creative businesses throughout the year, growing the hugely popular series of Ultimate Guides - which kicked off with the Faire SEO guide - as well as finally releasing my Masterclass - watch this space!


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