What's My Why?

What's My Why?

I'm Bee and I run SEO Bitch: a brand dedicated to helping small businesses find success online through SEO. But why? Why is this what I've chosen to do with my time?

I get to work with inspirational people who stun me with their ambition. You guys are the most magnificent creatures on the planet and I love being surrounded by people who trust themselves enough to build their own paradise.

I get to work with artists and designers who make all sorts of wonderful products, you inspire me to be creative.

I get to be myself, authentic and honest about what I can and can't do for people, and get to be a relatable and trustworthy SEO specialist in a hugely male-dominated industry. I get all warm and fuzzy whenever one of you says "you're exactly who I've been looking for".

I get to break down the gatekeeping bullshit that so many SEO agencies seem to put up for no good reason other than tricking people out of money. These webseries and seminars that make things overly complicated so that you think you can never do it yourself and thus have to fork out your cash to them.

I get to set my own hours, wear whatever I want, charge whatever I want and work with whoever I want. After being in so many spaces where I have been so controlled, my freedom is so important to me.

It's really easy to lose track of your why when you get bogged down by the minutae of running a small business, but by taking this time to remember my why, I feel reinvigorated, inspired, and ready to push through any and all obstacles in order to continue being your expert in SEO for small creative businesses: SEO Bitch. Oh and for the innerlink juice also I do Faire SEO.



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